Monday, April 6, 2015

Yeti Party 2015

On March 8 we had a Yeti Party (Bigfoot, Sasquatch what ever you choose to call it.) out here for a group of highschoolers. It all started rather small with Bryan telling a few of them that they should come out and watch a documentary on the Russian Yeti. Then it just snowballed and we ended up having 54 people out here for supper and activities and the documentary. It was hilarious and fun. The ages ranged from Bob and Ceila Rice (70's) to a newborn who had to come with her yourth leader mom. 
I used the Bigfoot statue that Travis gave Bryan as my centerpiece. I threw the orchid in there just for some color. haha
I made a snow covered cake with a Yeti on it. Yeti sugar cookies and lots of other food. All of which was consumed very quicky. Amazing how much food teenage boys can eat. wow.
Here is a shot of people watching the show. There were a bunch of them in the basement watching. 
These kids all came out too! What a great group!!
At the end of the evening we gave out door prizes. Ashley and Jill did the honors. Everyone had a great time and I am sure they will want to have another one next year!
One of the moms gave me a pair of bigfoot socks as a thank you gift. 

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