Sunday, April 19, 2015

To Walk Where Jesus Walked...

What an opportunity for Bryan. He has always wanted to go to Israel and experience all the places where Jesus spent his life on earth.
This is on the Mt. of Beatitudes with the Sea of Galilee in the background. He has several teaching times on the trip.
On a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.
Sunset over the Sea of Galilee
At the palace of Herod Agrippa II. 
Monday, March 20, I got a text from Bryan and he had the opportunity to baptize 41 people in the Jordan River. What an amazing time that must have been.
Then Dan Moeller and Brian Vranicar baptized Bryan in the Jordan River.

Swimming or rather bobbing in the Dead Sea.

At Masada. I can't remember where they were but at one point they could hear the shelling and bombing going on. What a sober reminder that this is not a peaceful easy existence for the chosen people.
Also at Masada.
Teaching in the Garden of Gethsemane.
I love the shaft of light coming down beside him in this picture.
They all went off on their own in the Gardento just have a time of prayer and contemplation. Dan snapped this very emotive picture of Bryan.
This is the view of the Gethsemane with Gate Beautiful in the background.
Teaching at Shepherd's Field.
At the Garden Tomb.
Teaching at the Garden Tomb
And Last the view from their hotel room.
One of the first days there, about 20 of them got food poisoning and spent a miserable time of trying to find decent restrooms in Nazerath. Bryan was one of the unfortunate ones... enough said.
Dan sent me this one day and said, "We are currently trying to walk in this in Tel Aviv." I got claustrophobic just looking at the picture.
These two views are from Joppa.
The last day was a free day to roam around so several of them rented these and saw the sights.

I don't know the exact order of all of this but he had a wonderful, meaningful time. It is so good to have him home but I am so glad he got the opportunity to go and walk and teach where Jesus walked and taught.

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