Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catfish at last...

It was a beautiful, calm evening and after eating out on the deck, Bryan suggested we go try catfishing again. So down we went to the pond. I have learned that I am not a patient fisherman. I just want to catch fish. So...when you catfish you pretty much just throw the smelly stuff out there and wait, and wait, and then I start to mess with my camera and look at things through the binoculars. As I was "glassing" (that is the Whitetail Diaries word for looking at things through the binoculars!) things, I happened to look at my bobber and see that it was twitching. So hand off the binoculars and wait until it goes under. That fish was mine. I thought is was just a small thing since it really didn't make much fuss but when I got it closer it decided that it didin't want to come in. Not small. Ok, I will take a large mouth bass off my lure, I will take a bluegill off the hook but touch a catfish, NO. So, Bryan reached down into the water and hauled him up on the bank.
Nice, thanks Bryan. You do the work, I will take the credit. 
Seriously twice as big as Oliver (or Toto, as he likes to remind me. See how I did that, Jill?)
We set the timer and put camera on the table so that I could get in the picture with the fish since I caught it.
Can you say "red-neck live well" 
I mean this picture speaks for itself. Nice.
I decided that I could hold it if it was on the scale.
It was fun and sometime I will cook and eat that thing. It is currently in the horse tank since we didn't want to clean it tonight. Hopefully, Montana and Dakota don't get too freaked out when they go to get a drink.
Possibly there is a fish fry coming up on Friday. 

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  1. holy catfish! that is huge!!!

    fish fry...mmmmmm..... i like the sound of that! :)