Saturday, October 8, 2011

14th Annual Pulgogi Festival - Part 2

After the food we clear all the tables and the carving begins.
Oh, and dessert, 
which Ashley was so kind as to remind everyone to take one.
 Then I moved her over so she could join in the carving... 
{Jill said "That's just creepy..." then she touched her nose...}
Last year Cathy came in costume, this year Ashley was the only one who dressed up...literally.
 She was pretty quiet most of the night...

 Hudson wanted to carve a pumpkin "with Ashley" so...
He cleaned out one scoop then the trike took his attention away.
I had to step in and finish our pumpkin.

 Finley really stuck with this project.
 No idea what is going on here but this picture is just so stinking cute!

 I think Ashley is offering to hold Beckham but for some reason Cathy won't let her...

 Bryan had to practically drag Ashley back inside. Hahahaha 
{Please forgive me, Ashley, we miss you and wish you could have joined us.}
Clean up the mess we made and everyone heads home.

 Team Finley {with help from Grandpa Fred}
"Girl pumpkin" 
{classic face}
 Team Jake and Jill 
{went up a hill...hahaha you know you were thinking it...}
"War, what is it good for..."
 Team Fred
"Cinderella's carriage"
{might just be my favorite Fred creation to date}
 Team Jayme and Bryan
"Hockey goalie helmet" {with Penguins logo on the side.}
{Impressive carving!}
 Team Amiah and Amani
"Beautiful Girl"
{Best pumpkin by a 7 and 6 year old}
 Team Hudson and Patti {and Ashley}
"Red Angry Bird"
{yes, we did fall back on the lure of the popular video game...}
 Team Bobbi and Chelsey
"Lil Punkin" {I guessed Kesha...}

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