Sunday, October 2, 2011

Picking out Pumpkins...

Jayme and I decided to go to Roca Berry Farm today. 
The day could not have been a more beautiful fall day. 
Bobbi is at Vala's Pumpkin Patch with the Heaton family today. 
So it is a Pumpkin kind of day. 
 They have added a ton of stuff and really cleaned up the place. 
It looked great.
 I made Jayme pose behind this.
It was just one of my creations from long ago.
They are all still there. 
We ran into Bev and she asked if I would be interested in doing any more. 
 This Scottish Highland Cow was a sweetheart! 
We wanted to take her home.

 Pig races...mine lost. I picked Yellow.
 Jayme picked Green. Blue won.
 We got a wagon and looked at all the pumpkins and picked out the ones we want for carving next weekend.
 It was a fun time and the weather was just perfect. 
Thanks, Jayme, for still wanting me to take you to these places. 


  1. Oh you girls are so cute!! I can't wait until you're being cute here with me in like...29 days!!!

  2. Love it! I just blogged about going too. They really did clean some of it up, I was shocked! Plus Myles loved that jumping thing. I think we will go again yet this year. AND the pumpkins were cheaper there than at the grocery store.