Sunday, May 27, 2012

I forgot about my camera...-

Just remembered that I had pictures from the last couple weeks on my camera.
The first is a series of shots of Bryan killing the evil muskrats we have in the pond.
Too good not to post.
 The calm before the kill. Actually I love how this picture turned out. 

Then Jayme was out the next evening. She groomed the dogs for me and then was playing fetch with Oliver and we were seeing how high he could jump to get the ball.

He jumps better than I take pictures. I just couldn't get the really high jumps.
The girls asked if we could have a bonfire last Sunday.   It was a perfect night for being outside. Calm and cool. We got some hotdogs and stuff for s'mores. Ashley and I made some apple pies. Bobbi and her friend, Todd, came out later but while they waited Jayme and Ashley took pictures with my camera. I will not post all 68 that they took...but here is a sample...

Getting a tick off Oliver...#farmlife

 The Catalpa tree was in bloom so we walked over to pick some of the amazing blooms from it.

By the time we got to the bonfire my battery was wearing down so I snapped a few but by the time Bobbi got there is was dead.

We all hung out down there until about 10 p.m. Laughing and talking.
 I so appreciate my family.

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