Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ashley's house

Yesterday Ashley signed papers to own this house. She is directly across the street from the house that Bobbi and Jayme live in. Of course it was 90% humidity and 90 degrees out so moving was fun... We had great help from Jill and the Griesers. We ate some delicious pizza that Andrea made and then the guys started tearing out the carpet to reveal pristine wood floors. Here is the amazing fact about Ashley's house, she is only the second owner. George and Josephine bought the house brand new in 1953 and lived there all their lives until Jo had to move closer to her children to be cared for. She was struggling with selling her home then she heard Ashley was wanting to buy it. Her daughter said at that point she became very calm about it all and is thrilled that Ashley has it. Jo used to have Ashley to coffee when Ashley lived where Bobbi and Jayme live.

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