Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival - Days 4 & 5

Sunday and we all decided to attend Cowboy Church at the hotel. It was a wonderful service. Several of the perfromers recited poems and scripture, sang old hymns and then Jack, a pastor of a Cowboy church from Texas, spoke. It really was so nice. After that we headed down the road. We wanted to get to Denver so we wouldn't have such a long drive on Monday.
We stopped for lunch in Pagosa Springs at a resturant next to the river. It was beautiful.

Good food in a beautiful place with fun people. 
Then we drove and drove and drove and looked at the beauty that is Colorado. Brenda made us answer questions out of her book of ice breaker questions. It was good for a laugh. We told stories and talked and read books and tried to make the 8 hours go by faster.
Finally at supper time we made it to Aurora and stopped to eat at PF Chang's. I took  this picture because it just looked so funny with all of them on their phones. Bryan was booking us a hotel, in all fairness to him.
We had a wonderful dinner and then crashed for the night.
Monday morning we left Aurora and headed for home. We did make a couple stops to stretch our legs and wander around some antique stores. Finally at about 8:30 Monday evening we arrived back home. It was a wonderful time. 

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