Friday, May 1, 2015

What I did while Bryan was gone...

Made a couple pillowcases for Poppy's pink princess bed.
Worked at the office. Had a couple Esprit rehearsals. Ate at Jayme and Trey's house. Ashley came out and hung out with me one Sunday afternoon/evening.
Made a sugar paste (gum paste) label for a cake that I told Bobbi I wanted to make for a party she was having for Jayme's 24th birthday.
Then I just had to make cookies to match the label...and making the label led to wanting to learn how to make flowers out of gum paste like cake decorators I bought a book and taught myself.
This Stargazer Lily is my first try. I was very pleased. And it was so fun to do. You could eat them but I am not sure anyone ever does...
Then I tried a poppy. 
Jayme's cake was shaped like a wine bottle, a basket of flowers and a round of cheese. All cake and all edible. Bobbi was having a wine tasting party for her so I went with the theme. Then I made little wine glass cookies too. SO mostly when Bryan was gone I baked and decorated! haha
Saturday Jayme and Poppy came over to hang out. It was so fun. Poppy shared her fish crackers with Oliver and they became best friends.
I went to Jayme's party at Bobbi and Travis' house. 
The birthday girl and her cake.
Then the next day I decided to try making Minnie Mouse cake balls (I had lots of leftover cake trimmings to use!) Jayme and Trey are going to have a Minnie Mouse party for Poppy's 2nd birthday in June so I thought I would see what I could come up with. Obviously these will work and they were joyfully eaten by the Grieser kids. They love when I practice.
Like I said mostly baking and creating. The weather was mostly nasty cold and rainy. I took my daily walk everyday but didn't love it like I do when the sun is shining. 

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