Monday, May 11, 2015

First Hail Then Floods...

What is next? An infestation of frogs? I HOPE not. The hail was Sunday evening. I called the insurance company Monday, the adjuster came out Tuesday and about 6 contractors soliciting business...our friend who is a builder came and told us that our roof is totaled, our facia, our gutters and down spouts, the shed, some siding...the list goes on. Then on Tuesday night the clouds blackened again, the lightening flashed the thunder roared (all at once and quite violently) At 8:30 the tornado sirens were going off in Lancaster County. It was pouring rain. That warning ended at 9:45. The rain kept pouring. Then we went to bed and it was just one of those nights where you are uneasy in your sleep. So much thunder and lightening that the air seems a weird electric. Then at 11:30 the sirens went off in Firth again and my phone rang it was a friend from Lincoln saying it's right over us and to get to the basement. Bobbi sent a text saying that water was pouring into their basement (which they had just gotten done remodeling! Nothing like a flood on new carpet...) The weather service kept sending warnings to my phone and our electricity was off so in the pitch black with our cell phone flashlights we made our way to the basement. I was grateful that I had gotten the storeroom cleaned because that is also our tornado shelter. Finally we went back up to bed at about 12:30. In the morning I had a text from Bobbi at 1:30 saying that they were in the emergency room. I needed more information than that!! Turns out Travis had cut his finger while trying to fix a gutter that had come off in the storm and needed stitches.
Not a night they would want to repeat...
And I woke to this...

This was off the railroad bridge. I had to stop on my way to work and snap a picture. 
Amazing but true. When I drove home that night from town all of the water had receded from our pasture except for a few low spots. The pond has been full to overflowing all Spring so far.  
Bobbi and Travis had to pull out the pad under the carpet and take it out but they have been able to vacuum up the water out of the carpet.
So much rain! 
Thursday night we were sitting on the deck eating supper and enjoying a brief period of warmth and no rain and then the sky did this,
I don't like any clouds that just drop down in an instant...and the wind turned cold. Not a good sign for a calm night.
I just said "I am going in. I can't handle another night like Tuesday night." But it blew on past to the east. 
Yesterday was, of course, Mother's Day. We had all planned to have supper at Ashley's. Saturday she and Jayme both came down with a really bad cold so we put it off to next weekend. At noon it POURED more rain but fortunately it wasn't hours of it.
My dad sent me this picture of my mom. Great picture, amazing woman. She is on the mend from having a cancer removed from her scalp. Grateful it wasn't worse than it was because, believe me, it was bad enough! That picture won't be on here!
 So Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you.

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