Saturday, May 29, 2010

I just want to check out...

This post if dedicated to Bobbi, because she and I have the same disease. No, it isn't an addiction to marshmallows. They are the item that caused the disease to manifest itself today in the grocery store. I was in line and finally got to the check-out. I needed to get home as I had company coming and wanted to finish up some stuff. I was buying the marshmallows for Memorial Day (the girls and Blake are coming out). The checker (and here is where we get to what the disease is) proceeds to pick up this package of gigantic marshmallows
(I should have put a regular size one next to this to show the difference but oh well, take it from me they are huge)

ANYWAY...The checker says "These are certainly huge aren't they?" I think I um hummed. Then she says "Well, that will be a lot of fun don't you think? Are you going to roast them? Do you have company coming? The kids will love these." I am just um humming and trying to sack the other stuff. She then turns the bag over and says "Let me just check here..." She reads the writing on the back and then says, "Oh good, yes, here it is."
I am just staring at her, maybe with an open mouth.

This is what she was looking for. She reads it to me and then says "Will you be roasting them? I just want you to be aware that kids could choke on these and suffocate or get burned. But there is a warning, so you won't get sued." REALLY? I am thinking "Well, there's a pleasant Memorial Day for me!" What I actually said was "The youngest person that will be using these is 19, so I'm pretty sure that we are safe." And so there you see what the disease. It is:
The Checker Makes Comments About Our Purchases