Friday, May 28, 2010

Try aiming down and left...

Ashley and Blake came out last night for some food cooked over the open fire and we were supposed to watch "Man From Snowy River" but the evening was beautiful and the deck and gun were too much temptation. So we just sat out there and shot at the target in the pasture.
Bryan wasn't sure the scope was sighted in correctly so he kept trying different things to see where it was. They weren't endangering the bulls eye that's for sure. So I said I would try and well, yes, I did hit the target then the black center and the target again. Bryan was giving me grief about it not being an accurate test of skill and told me I had to hit the hanging metal target on the target stand. So I did. Boom, Roasted.
Then he decided it was my chair. So he switched. I was walking behind him, he missed and said "Walking on the deck doesn't help." Ashley, Blake and I were laughing and I believe Blake said "I am sort of embarrassed for you." Bryan missed. Then Blake said "Now I am really embarrassed, am I turning red?" Which made us laugh even harder. Bryan did eventually hit the metal target.
Bryan convinced Blake that it was the chair. So he tried it from there. Enough said. Ashley was trying to be a good little spotter.
It was such a fun time. Relaxing and memorable. So glad that we can laugh at ourselves and with each other. Unfortunately we didn't get footage of the Great Muskrat Hunt that ensued shortly after this last photo. The Muskrat is still safe.

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