Saturday, May 15, 2010

A place to rest...

This isn't a recent picture as you can tell by the snow on the railing, although it has been cold enough lately, but I just loved that this little bird found a place to rest on the door handle. Honestly at the time I think he just wanted in because it was so cold and snowy this winter. But it made me think, where do I find a place to rest?
For me that physical place is down in my office among my paper, paint, glue and all the other colorful stuff that makes me happy. Sometimes I just go down there and sit in my chair and drink coffee and breathe.
My ultimate place of rest should be in the arms of Jesus but so often I just breeze by them and say a brief hello on my way to other stuff. Lately though, with all that is coming in our lives, I am finding my way there more and more and letting Him collect my tears in His bottle. I think I have a large collection of them.

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