Sunday, May 30, 2010

One more today...

Bryan and Tom Christie fish every Sunday afternoon and today Bryan asked if I wanted to go out with them. He said "It looks like it is going to be rather nice out, a good day for fishing." We started fishing and it started to rain. We had a good laugh about that one. I wasn't catching anything so they were taking me back to the dock so I could go in, I cast one more time and caught this one. So, not such a bad day out after all. I had just told them that if I caught one no matter what size, I wanted a picture of it. Fortunately it was a good fish.


  1. you're wearing a cute skirt there with your sweatshirt and fish :)

  2. When Dad and Tom are ready to go fishing there is no waiting for anyone to change from the clothes they wore to church. Just throw on a sweatshirt. Your Dad did mention that I looked like...someone who might wear berks with understand.