Thursday, June 23, 2011

3000 Feet of Food Service Film Later...

{I can hear the conversations now..."Harold! get in here, now she's blogging about PLASTIC WRAP! She's insane, I tell you what." "Calm down, Bertha, you must be mistaken...what in the world, why would anyone blog about plastic wrap? Let me see that." and so on.}
But this is about my plastic wrap, or lack there of.
I have had this container of plastic wrap since the summer of 2005. 
When I worked at Papa D's, Mick thought I needed this and a foil at my house.
It has been on the shelf in my kitchen pantry day and night, always ready to lend it's clingy goodness to any plastic wrap cover need - new tattoo that needs protecting, no problem. Counter needs to be covered for a painting project, no problem. Can't find the lid to that container, no problem. Foodservice Film was on the job. Last night I was covering a cake that I made for Charity's Police Academy Graduation and Jayme and I watched as the last of the 3000 feet of film peeled off the roll. Taps started to play in my head and I almost shed a tear. So long, old friend, I am sure your partner, Foodservice Foil, {he is my second one, so I am not quite as attached to him, but...} will soon follow after and then I shall have to become like other folks and buy small ones at the store...


  1. Not to be a "debbie downer" but if you really like the big rolls, restaurant supply stores sell them to the public. :) Just in case you want to find your food wrap's cousin or second neice or something.

  2. I see light at the end of that tunnel. Enter Sams club or Costco, listen as the Hallelujah chorus will start, you will find a distant cousin of Foodservice Film. :)

  3. Me also. and with everyone cutting costs I get all the foodservice foil and film at, I have never seen such low prices Its saved me a lot of money year end on my books. Guaranteed and great customer service

  4. I own a chain of restaurants , well 7 of them, in the Northwest. and I agree with the he poster on the film-foil website. they sell 12 X 1000 foil for $22 bucks, we go thru about 70 boxes a year, so it adds up !! thanks to the owners at