Friday, June 17, 2011

Jill came out...

and we talked.
Jill is left handed. We were fixing Jake's short's pockets. Finally we resorted to ironing on some purple fabric {we thought he would like that} and Jill hand sewing them, ripping that out and hand sewing them again so it didn't show. We also laughed a lot and I talked to Ashley on the phone. We left our faces out of the pictures because that is what Ashley does when she doesn't shower or fix her hair. 

 We made cookies and tried different cutters that I have.
Jill ate an apple to prevent her from eating the dough...
 She showed me Pinterest and we discussed recipes. 
We looked at blogs that we like.
I finished up a project that needed to be done.
We packed up all the stuff that is going to Spain with her on Tuesday. {I am jealous of that, just a little, but so excited for Ashley and Jill}
And laughed at ourselves because we went from one thing to the next like ADHD people on too much caffeine. 
And I was grateful that Ashley has such a good friend as Jill, who comes out and spends the day messing up my clean kitchen with me, because it makes it feel like Ashley was around for the day.

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  1. I love this :) all of it! Think of all the fun we will have someday with our shop. :) Glad you got a picture of Jill's left handed sewing.