Monday, June 27, 2011

Diagnosis - Positive -

I have self diagnosed this morning and come to the conclusion that I have what I like to call, at this time of year, "Esprit ADD". I documented this with a couple photos to show you what I mean.
I will walk you through this with quotes from what I am thinking while all this was going on.
 "Let's see, I need to make some cookies for Esprit on Wednesday." 
So I get out my supplies and lay them on the counter.
"Oh, first I need a cup of coffee" 
So I start that.
Then while that was making, this thought,
"I need to empty the dishwasher and get these dirty dishes out of my way"
So I open the dishwasher and find a measuring cup and the paddle to my mixer that I need for the cookies. 
"That reminds me, I need the trays and racks for the cookies"
So I walk away leaving a half empty dishwasher.
So I go lay them on the cupboard they are in and that is next to the office so I remember that I need to answer an email from lady about Esprit so I go do that.
 As I am answering that I think,
"I need a cup of coffee, I should go make one"
And when I got there remembered that I ALREADY HAD...
In there somewhere I threw in a load of laundry.
Then Bryan needed me to stop what I was doing 
{running around like a chicken with it's head cut off not accomplishing anything}
and help him do this BECAUSE WE LOST THE KEYS TO THE VW.
He is taking it to the locksmith to have them re-key the ignition. 
And it is only 10 a.m.
Fortunately, I have the rest of the day to finish all the things I started. 
Still need that cup of coffee...
And in the midst of all that non-accomplishment I am blogging about my problem thereby confirming the diagnosis mentioned at the beginning of this nonsense.
I will have a miracle healing in about 2 weeks. 
Don't even worry or send flowers. 
Ok, send flowers, if you must, just don't worry.

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