Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walnut, Iowa...Antique City -

Every Father's Day weekend the town of Walnut, Iowa hosts a huge antique fair. they close down two of the main streets and people set up booths and tons of people come to see what there is for sale. Bryan and I have gone several times. Jayme came with us this year.
I took these two pictures because the glass at this booth was arranged in rainbow color order and in the bright sunshine it was beautiful.

I took a picture of this sign because Ashley and Jill always call me "Patterz" or something like "Patz"  
 Funny story: This is yesterday and I just randomly took a picture of Jayme at this booth.
Then today Jayme said "I saw a little pink bottle like the kind I am looking for at a booth yesterday and I liked it but I don't remember where it was." Then we found the booth and it turns out it was this one that I took a picture of her at and it is the very pink bottle she is setting down. She got the bottle today.

 They are looking at a dog gas mask.
 In the left hand corner Jayme is posing so it looked like I was taking a picture of her...I wasn't.
You see a lot of this sort of thing there. Or dog strollers...and I don't mean dogs that are strolling along. I mean a stroller made for a dog. Jayme and I decided that none of these people mind being called "Mommy" when they take their dogs to the vet.
I am really not crabby in this picture. Just super tired. This is our load on the way home. 
 I had Jayme sit up front so she could run her Ipod and not have to deal with the load in the back.
 These are the little things I found that I liked. 
Yes, I did buy some cookie cutters...why?
And these 5 bar stools that were taken from an F. W. Woolworth's and are the exact same stools that were in the Greensboro, NC Woolworth's that was the scene of the sit-in for equality in the south in 1960. Two pink and two light green ones are displayed in the Smithsonian. We didn't know that when we bought them. We just knew they were out of a Woolworth's in California. We are going to use them at the counter in our dining room.


  1. I get SUPER excited when I see a new 8 Acre Life post (or the kids blog)! That little Jayme, she's so cute. Looks like you guys had fun! Wish I could have been there with you!! Love the barstools! Maybe these ones won't break if you lean the wrong way on them.... :)

  2. That duz it I m tlgn J to get a frunt pak caryer. do nt tel hr I wrot heer, she will trie to eddit. Mxwl

  3. Oh I see Maxwell beat me to it. Hey, Would you ask that lady where she got that? That really cool "pregnant with my dog" front pack carrier? Oh and also the snap on water bottle carrier? Did I miss anything else around her body? Oh, wait, maybe the dog's barrette? Thanks.

  4. i am obsessed with those bar stools! this looks like a great place, take me with you next time you go antiquing! please and thanks! love you!