Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relax? It's the weekend!

Friday the kids came out to stay the night so that their parents could have a little time to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. We stayed busy.
So we rode the lawn tractor...

 Climbed on the corral fence to look at the horses and gathered the eggs and climbed back up to look again...
 Went down by the pond, sat on the new bench,

 Walked back up to the house. Got drinks of water and sat on the front porch and played with the dogs while we waited for Amiah's friend, Amani, to arrive.

 Made donuts for breakfast, rode the trike all over the house, played golf at 7:30 a.m. and played on the swing.

Decorated sugar cookies
 Watched a movie and had a mandatory rest time.
  I for one am exhausted today. But we had a wonderful time and got so much fun packed into those two days.

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  1. Love the bench! Looks like such a fun time. The mandatory rest time - what did the kids do during your nap? (haha)