Thursday, August 25, 2016

Horseshoes...Good Luck.

A year ago we found some old horseshoes that are actually for playing horseshoes. So we thought we would put in a couple pits for that. Didn't get done. So this summer Bryan decided that we needed to just pick a spot and get it done. Turns out that there was a chunk of pasture right behind the pool that was nice and flat. So he pulled the fence out in that area and put in the sand pits for Horseshoes.
We had to Google the measurements. Just not information we both knew off the top of our heads...weird.
Lots of prep work on Saturday. I did help by mowing the area that we had chosen. Then I started mowing the lawn and just as I was about done the mower broke. So pause with the horseshoe pits and he set to work fixing the mower. Always so amazed at how he knows how to do stuff like that. Amazed and grateful. I finished the lawn by push mower. Sometimes I forget how big our lawn is until I do that. The part that I missed with the riding mower was about as big as most people's lawns haha.
Then on Monday Bryan and Trey went and got some sand for the pits and he put that in. Then on Tuesday we put the stakes into the ground and got the horseshoes out and tried them out. Bryan got a ringer! So we had to document that. The first one in the newly created pits.

Yesterday he put all the fence posts into their new spots and will put the wire back on when the mud dries up a bit.
Now I must say here that we did play a game last night. We were playing to 12. I was up 8 - 0 and he came back and I only beat him 12 - 10. 😏 Then we played on up to 15 and he beat me 15 - 13. I had forgotten how much fun it is. Ready for the big leagues...

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