Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lancaster County Fair

Saturday, August 6, Ashley, Jayme, Poppy and I went to the county fair.
First we went and saw all the baby animals. I think the baby zebra was my favorite. 
Poppy wanted to ride on some rides so they went on the Wacky Worm. She wasn't so sure about that! 
We, of course, had to get some fair food!
After we ate we were going to watch the tigers perform but we couldn't get anywhere near it because of the crowd so she decided to ride a horse.
She loves riding the ponies.
She drove the pigs, she rode the 4 wheelers. After she got off the 4 wheelers she gave Jayme a huge hug and said, "Jayme, you're the best!"
And then she wanted to try the roller coaster again. Brave girl. She liked it that time! Jayme wanted to take a picture by the ride but Poppy thought it would be funny to try all sorts of faces! She was cracking us up!
She got to pick up a duck and get a prize! 
She chose a mermaid floating toy for playing with in the pool. Again she tried all sorts of faces to look like a mermaid. 
What a funny girl.
A merry-go-round ride is a must and all the ride tickets are gone! Last thing before we headed home: Cotton Candy!!
It was a fun afternoon. I'm so grateful they are around to do things with. 
I got home drove and there was Montana calmly eating grass by the chicken house. What in the world. I have no idea how he got the gate open. Dakota was still out in the pasture so I just walked this guy back in with some bribery and treats. 

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