Saturday, August 20, 2016

This Past Week

Jenny was on her way back through to North Carolina and stopped to spend the night on Sunday, August 14. I got these pictures off her Facebook ... 😬
We all met up at Runza for lunch. Then Ashley came out and swam for awhile. Jayme, Trey and Poppy came out for supper. It was good to see Jen again.
Tuesday, August 16 I went to the Lincoln Children's Zoo with Jayme, Trey and Poppy. It was a fun time.
We had to see how tall they all are as compared with an eagle's wingspan.

That evening we had another huge storm. Always fascinating to watch them come across.
The summer in which June was as hot as August and August acted like May by being stormy.
Wednesday, August 17 was Bobbi and Travis's 2nd wedding anniversary. They have endured in this year, more than most people endure in a lifetime. I love them dearly and admire their strength.
So grateful for them.

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