Thursday, August 11, 2016


August 5 Both Trey and Jayme had to work so I got to bring Supergirl out to the house for the day. Poppy told me that the Supergirl doll was her "Yellow hair Supergirl sister".
Unfortunately Supergirl cut her finger on the pedal car and we had to doctor that up. On to the next adventure.
The injury wasn't going to stop Supergirl from going swimming! She informed me, "Supergirl doesn't need floaties." And jumped in, came up yelling, "I NEED MY FLOATIES". 
MUCH BETTER! And lesson learned. Grandma Patti was right about the floaties. 
That day was also Trey's 24th birthday so we went back into town to go to dinner with family to celebrate him. 
He and Jayme went to a movie after dinner so Ashley and Poppy got to hang out together for the evening.

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