Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is the Effect worth the Cause?

This was my kitchen on Saturday morning.
Every year for the past 13 years, on a weekend in October, our family and the Schlegel family have gotten together, eaten Korean food and carved pumpkins. What started as an innocent dinner invitation turned into a Festival that we all look forward to every fall. We have added people along the way. This year we had 20 people here. Our family, Blake Bishop, Fred and Cathy Schlegel, Chelsey (Schlegel) and Troy Kirk, their three kids, Amani, Finley and Beckham, Barry and Andrea Grieser (the people Ashley was nanny for and now I am) their two kids (and one on the way) Amiah and Hudson, Jon and Alicia (Clark) Reisinger, their friend, Topher, his wife and little girl couldn't come. Lots of food and noise. 
I heard "Hey, Patti, I need..." about a million times. 
First thing of the evening was a hay rack ride around the horse trail. 
We had such amazing weather. 
 Ashley with Hudson, Amiah and Amani.
 Ashley and Hudson
Amiah, Ashley and Blake
 Jayme wanted people to wear costumes so Bobbi came up with this - Jayme is the bride of a Husker player and Bobbi, Blake and Ashley are the jealous bridesmaids. Ashley just forgot that she was supposed to be jealous so we decided in this picture she is the bridesmaid who has a fake smile like she is so happy for the bride. 
 Cathy wins, hands down, for the best costume of the night. Good job, Cathy. I wore and apron and pretended I was a cook. But since the apron is made out of old overalls, I also could pretend to be a farmer's wife. Haha.
 Let the eating begin.
Lots of food was consumed. 8 pounds of pulgogi, 30 eggrolls, probably a gallon of stir fried veggies and enough rice for 20. 
 Amani, Amiah and Finley
 Hudson got such a kick out of Bryan putting the mask in front of his face.
Amani and Amiah modeling theirs projects in process.
 Then the carving begins. Chelsey and Bobbi have carved together for probably 12 years. They are always inventive.
 Ashley and Troy have carved together since he married Chelsey.
 Alicia and Jon joined us last year. We love having them.
 Jayme and Bobbi deep in a serious talk, I am sure
 Ashley and Blake. 
 Blake and Fred. This looks like a serious competition! 
 Jayme and Alicia created this Pokemon One Pumpkin.
 Blake's Bird.
 Fred's. We never know what Fred's are.
 Jon and Topher created this striped beauty. 
 Bryan always makes sure that there is a traditional looking one in the bunch.
 Ashley and Troy had a green pumpkin so they did Elphiba from Wicked. (I always have to have all sorts of assorted things for people to use if they want.)
 Bobbi and Chelsey's Pirate Ship Pumpkin. 
All the finished products on the porch. 
So you tell me...was the effect worth the cause? I think so. Every year when I clean up I get excited for the next year when we can do it all again. 

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