Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday, Jayme...

Wow, 20 years ago today there was a blizzard and Jayme Lyn was born. So in honor of her...a photo montage of Baby Jayme...
Just a few minutes old.
Our happy little family. She has some pretty adorable older sisters.
Her mother, however, was still in her "I have really short hair and wear big plastic earrings" phase.
Her father still has that pair of Nebraska sweats...
Seems really excited about Easter.
Yes, that is Bobbi and Ashley! Aren't they adorable too?
This was Jayme's first birthday. She did love this playhouse that Bryan built for the girls. I cried when I realized that we couldn't move it to Lincoln with us. 
Had to put this one in since Jillian would have just turned 20 last month. Such cute, curly headed girls and I don't mean the moms.
Always the entertainer, going for the laughs at the table.
She called these dolls "Hattie" and "Bryan" Not sure why she couldn't get my name right...
Look her dad is thrilled to have his picture taken. They both still make those faces at me when I take pictures of them. 
What a little cutie. 
                                     Still little, still a cutie!
We love you, Jayme.
p.s. I had to take pictures of pictures to get these so they are a little grainy. 

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