Friday, August 26, 2011

Bale hay while the sun shines-

and pick it up and put it in the barn...while the sun shines.
We get our hay from Roy. He sent a text the other day "can you help pick up bales on Friday?" so I sent back a "yes I can, but not Bryan." So he says "well, we will just have you drive the truck while we load." "Ok." So I dressed for truck driving and went on my merry way.
Roy says "I got Rachel to drive, so can you help pick up?" "OK. I may need to borrow some gloves."
Adam, the other man helping (not Roy's son, Adam) gave me his, bless him. He was on the trailer stacking the hay. He needed 85 bales. We needed 100. So we did his 50 bale load, took it to his barn, unloaded (Rachel and I held down the truck and drank water while they lightened the load) went back and loaded ours. Then loaded the last onto his truck. 

 Rachel took some pictures while she idled along.
 Yes, I made cracks about the 19 year old getting to drive and the 52 year old hefting bales in the heat...actually can't complain about the heat it was a lovely morning in the 70s with a nice breeze.
 Here Rachel and I were laughing because Roy kept saying to me "take that other side then you can throw down hill onto the trailer." Well, that was all well and good but it also was the side with double the bales. So on this pass I said to Roy, "Take that side you can throw down hill and I will walk this side because there are no bales." So Rachel snapped a picture of me working hard at getting rid of my water.

 There it is, our load of 100.

We started at 10:15 and got done at about 11:40. Not bad. Then while Rachel and I waited at the truck and trailer, Roy and Adam stood out there and discussed hay for 1/2 an stood by the truck and made fun of them.

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