Sunday, August 21, 2011

It IS a BUG life {not much, but it's our life} -

We have spent the last several days on the VW. Although, we did take a break Friday. Jenny and Ken were here and it was so good to see them. They came late afternoon and spent the night. Then yesterday we spent the entire day on VW stuff.  I recovered the back of the driver's seat {long story which I WILL go into} and Bryan put in the sound proofing pads and the carpet. 
Doesn't that look amazing? 
The other day Andrea called me and told me about a garage sale that had antiques at it so Hudson and I stopped there and I found this little crock for my knives. 
Ok. LONG STORY on the seat. More likely short story about a long morning. I went down to the store room to get the seat that I needed to recover. I took it apart and brought the backrest up. I tore all the old stuff off of it and noticed that one of the three prongs that I needed to use was broken. So back down and take apart another seat {we were given 2 extra seats when we bought the car} get the back and take it up. It is in perfect condition so I tear it and put all the new stuff on it and just as I am about to make the cut in the side for the knob that lets it go forward to access the back seat I think "wait that seems like it is the wrong side..." So very carefully {after walking around for oh...10 minutes to cool off} take off all the new stuff, go down, get the other seat, take it apart, tear off all the old stuff and realize it is broken! So back to the first one I tried and just figure out how to make the broken clip work. The job that maybe would have been an hour and a half turned into 6 hours of blood, sweat, swearing and almost tears {I was too mad to cry}. Yes, I almost threw the third seat off the deck I was so mad by that time. But the seat back is done and I just have seat bottom to do today...just, ha.
I suppose you have noticed that I am not posting as many pictures of the outside of the car as before. That is because it is almost all finished and there will be one last blog about the restoration {not about the VW and it's involvement in our life} and I will reveal the car then. 
So excited.

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