Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bobbi's Montana Adventure -

Bobbi went to Montana on August 12 for Danica's wedding and while I was just hanging out at home on Saturday evening trying to re-cooperate from something we did to the VW, she sent me pictures of the weekend up there. I loved it. At one point she said "for the blog" oh yes. 
So here we go!
 Josh and Danica Markus
 Jenny Poelman and Lisa Pierson at the 80th birthday picnic.
 Jay, Maddy, Kyra and Rachel Pierson
 Daran Tiencken, Erin Pride and Gracie
 Bobbi and Lauren Pierson
 Dad and Mom
Gracie and Mom 
 Bobbi, Lauren, Jillian, Evan Justin, Kellen, Lisa and Eric
Bobbi, Kyra, Rachel, Jay, Maddy and Shelby
I have such a great family. I so wish it would have worked for me to be there. 
It did not, but I am so glad that Bobbi got to go.
I am sure it was a great time.

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