Saturday, July 23, 2016

December 2015

Poppy and Jayme came out to spend and evening with us. I had found some monster slippers. She loved them. Then she and Grandpa Bryan looked at videos on the iPad. I think Poppy is telling him how to find them. 😀
I was putting some finishing touches on the basement playhouse at Jayme and Trey's. Ashley and Jayme were (not) helping. They were playing with the new kitchen stuff and "setting up". Right...
This view is looking into the playhouse from the living room in the basement. We used three old entertainment centers to make this.
This is the dress up area. Lighted mirror, hanging bar in the closet for all the costumes. Drawers for the little necessities of dress up life.
This is the "backyard" I made a felt garden and the little cloth fire goes back there too. We used a camo netting to mimic the trees outside the put lights into the netting.
This is the laundry area. I cut a hole to fit the plastic tub for the washer, we hung a line above the ironing board and she can store her cleaning supplies in the side cabinet.
The stove and oven I made plus we put a Christmas tree and some presents to open when they showed it to her.
And finally I made a door and hung a mail box. This is the view when you look from entering the basement.
She LOVED it. She just kept saying "for me??" And discovering all the fun things to play with. 
For my birthday Bryan and Bobbi got tickets for all us girls to go to "the Nutcracker" I had never seen that. It was such a fun night with my girls.

One very warm December day Boden and I came out here and did some baking and playing.
This is about as normal as I could get him to pose for a picture of a shirt I gave him.
It was so warm we didn't need any coats. So we decorated the outdoor chalkboard. He is drawing hot chocolate with smarshsmallows.
We hung out at Poppy's a lot because the playhouse was so fun to play with. This is the farmer's market grocery store we made.
Poppy decided to dress herself this day...
The weather had been so warm we were expecting a green Christmas but Christmas Eve it turned cold and snowed. It was beautiful.
We got to have Poppy here for Christmas Eve so she opened her stocking. It was so fun to see her excitement.
Travis and Bobbi opened a present from Grandma Wini. A darling hand knitted sweater for the baby. Such a special gift.
Trey being excited...
Bobbi telling us a story on Christmas morning. 
Ashley telling us a story...
Jayme is obviously listening to a story...
I gave Bobbi a huge stuffed boxer for the baby and Mae was very uncertain about that! It looks so real. For a second there I thought, I don't remember Jax and Josie being at Christmas..."
Travis with the quilt I made for him to have for the baby. His favorite super heroes because he will be a super hero to his kids!
I made a surprise inside cake that looked like a log for Ashley for her birthday. I was super pleased with the outcome. The "bark" is chocolate cookie. 
Tasted good too!
She had a roller skating party and we all had a great time at that.
I kept hearing "I can do it myself, don't hold my hand." She did really well actually!
Ashely's birthday always brings us to the end of a year. So that is 2015 in the books.

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