Saturday, July 30, 2016

March 2016

The kids had an overnight during Spring break and Bryan and Hudson built a Bigfoot sculpture in the shed. Bryan showed everyone how to paint with spray paint and they went through 10 cans...
It was a sweet time.
Then he took them on a nature hike around the development.
Poppy came out and they all got in the hot tub to "relax".
We went to this concert with some friends. It was a good one. All the 70's music. Then Dennis DeYoung threw his guitar pick and it landed right in front of Bryan. 
I made a lot of cookies and treats in March and I think this is what my counter looked like most of the time. But I loved it.
Some flowers Ashley gave me. So beautiful on a spring morning.
Jayme stopped to see Trey one evening on her way home from here and Poppy fell asleep. I think this is such a sweet picture.
Everyone was here plus the Reisingers for Easter. It was wonderful!
Poppy, Navy and Satchel painting their cookies and some eggs.
Painting her cookies. 
Painting eggs for me.
While the kids were busy in one room the adults were in the other. They made a rule that they all had to paint with their non-dominant hand. Everyone complied...
Except BRYAN!! He painted right handed!
While they were doing that I was helping kids find costumes...
Easter parade in the Clark house.
A friend of Travis and Bobbi's took them out to do a photo shoot. Such sweet pictures.
8 months along. 

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