Saturday, July 30, 2016

February 2016

Right around Valentines Day, Hudson invited me to a basketball game and then asked me to make all the kids on his team a valentine cookie. Haha I loved it. So I did the ball and jersey for the team and also some ugly robot cookies for the kiddos.
We read this book everyday this winter...sometimes multiple times a day.
Jayme had to have surgery to remove some adhesions and endometriosis. Not fun.
Bobbi's baby bump. I think this was starting the 3rd trimester.
Poppy's mom is a cheerleading coach and invited me to a little cheer demonstration that Poppy was in. It was cute.
I found a little bbq for Poppy's playhouse. She wanted to play with it at my house so we set it up.
Amiah and Bobbi at the salon.
We had a baby shower for Bobbi at her house. I think almost all 50 people that we invited came! It was so crowded!!
The cake I made for it. Actually this is the only picture I got of the food table. 
Bobbi and Navy. 
Bobbi sent me this picture that night after all the stuff got moved up to the baby's room. Amazing but she only got double of one thing. 

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