Sunday, June 6, 2010

Halsey 2010...

I warned you there would be pictures. Although, I didn't do a very good job of getting pictures of everyone there. 
 Bobbi had ridden up early with Bryan. We left Lincoln at 5 p.m. on Thursday evening after Jayme and Ashley got off work. I am the family packing genius. Let it be noted that we were this fully packed and when we opened the hatch up at Halsey and not one thing fell out! Jill told me I got major camping points for that.  
Here is a lovely picture of all of us in the vehicle. Notice the tightly packed luggage area. Nothing fell on any one's head either. We arrived at camp at 10 p.m. Fortunately, Bryan and Bobbi had taken the tents and had them all set up.
We always camp right across from the horse corrals and this windmill. This year there were all the Brown family - Byron, Kim, Chelsea & Ben, Chelsea's kids, Jackson, Jonathan and Olivia, Heidi & Jay, their kids, Hunter and Landon, Hannah & Tyler and their son, Miles.(14 people), Kim's friends, Sue and Alicia, Heidi's friend Leah and her son, Braydon, the Clark family, Bryan, Patti, Ashley, Bobbi & Jayme, and Ashley's friend Jill.
Friday dawned a beautiful, warm, sunny day. The riders got up and left early for their ride. Since no one rode Dakota that day, Jayme got him out to graze and get some water.
Miles got a ride on Fiona with Grandma Kim.
Jayme, Bryan and Kim

Byron, Hannah, Miles and Tyler
Bobbi kept us all entertained around the fire. Notice the chair she is in, it is Bryan's new chair, which I told him he would not get to sit in much once the girls discovered how comfortable it is.  Jill was deep into Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  
As we were sitting around the fire Friday evening the clouds came in and it rained off to the southeast. We started to wonder what the weather was going to do to us. It rained a little that evening but then about bedtime it really started to rain. At 1:30 in the morning we were in a huge storm. Hail, high winds and tons of rain. The wind whipped Bryan's and my tent so hard that it shredded the fiberglass tent poles. Bryan had to use duct tape to tape spare poles to them for the rest of the night. At 3 another storm hit, fortunately it didn't last long and wasn't as bad as the one before.

This was the beauty in the storm.
Saturday dawned bright and beautiful and it was my turn to cook for all 24 of us. I did rotisserie chicken and grilled pork loin. Everyone else pitched in with the side dishes. 

We had a great time, everyone got lots of sun and Bryan got to ride a lot with all the people who brought horses. The girls went to the river and just enjoyed being able to relax. I got sun, read and relaxed.

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