Thursday, June 3, 2010

In other news...

I had put the younger chickens in with the older ones to see how it would go. The older ones picked on the little ones a little but for the most part it was ok. Now as you may have noticed I named the chickens after characters in the Twilight Saga books. Bella, Alice and Roselie are the older chickens. Victoria (Rhode Island Red) and Emily are the young ones. 
I must say this to show the irony of this story.
Yesterday for some reason they really started in on Victoria. Well, by last evening they had injured Victoria to the point of death. (I couldn't get to her to rescue her) 
Herein lies the irony. Victoria is the evil, redheaded vampire in the books. She is destroyed by the good vampires. Oops, sorry, little red chicken.

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