Thursday, June 17, 2010


I went to lunch today with Ashley, Amiah and Hudson. We ate at Jimmy John's. The first plan had been to pick it up and go to the park for a picnic, but it was so hot and windy that we decided eating inside might be better. We had a great lunch. Laughing and talking. Hudson told stories as only he can "tractor bump bump baby daddy (made running motions with his arms) help baby." So cute. Amiah was full of ideas and funny comments. Then we went back to their house to hang out for awhile. Amiah started a nature journal. (my friend Kim does that with her grandkids and I loved the idea so I gave Amiah one) She did some really nice drawings and writing. Then she went inside to get a drink and came out with a drink and an ice pack. As she sat down she said "Ah, a cold drink and an ice pack, just the thing for a princess." It cracked me up. And the fact that she shortened my name to "Pad" Such great kids. We had a very nice day.

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