Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Memorial day...

I looked out and knew it was going to be a perfect day. 

I got the hammock, my coffee, camera and a good book and headed down to the pond to watch the sun come up. 

It seems an odd concept, relaxing right after I just got up, but, it makes the rest of the day enjoyable to me when I have had that slow time at the beginning. I am not a "hit the ground running" type person. I love the morning quiet and having that, orders my day. Bryan, however, hit the ground running and worked hard all day. Just like any other day. On Friday he had met a man who needed to get rid of some stuff that he had sitting around his place. Bryan, in true "American Pickers" fashion, went through it with him and relieved him of some of that stuff. So he and Chan went to pick it all up. This wagon was just one of the things that he came home with.
It looks so great sitting out on the corner of the pasture. Then he put the new bumper on Jayme's car, fixed a piece of the roof that had blown off, worked on stuff in his shop, rode his horse and then ate supper with all of us. In the meantime, Ashley, Bobbi and Jayme were soaking up as much sun as possible out on the dock. Blake came out after he got off work and we all just spent the afternoon enjoying the amazing weather. Grilled burgers for supper down at the fire. 
 Then we just had to do some target practice. Jayme and Bobbi shot the bow and arrows, we shot the pellet gun. 
Back down to the fire for s'mores. And may I just say that no one got choked on, was suffocated by or was burned by the giant marshmallows. What a perfect day

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