Friday, July 16, 2010

Another View...

Usually my view across the pond is from our deck looking at the neighbor's house, but last night we were out fishing and the sun was setting and it was just spectacular. I am so glad I had put my camera in my pocket. Yes, we caught fish. And, funny story, which could have been really bad but didn't turn out that way so it is funny, right after I took this picture, Bryan cast again and I was still behind him and he didn't know it. His lure smacked me right in the side of my face. Fortunately, the hook didn't catch. It would have been rather ugly since it hit my chin and eye. But it made me laugh after I realized the stinging was just from the lure hitting me not from the hook. Bryan didn't think it was funny until this morning when I said that I hoped there was enough makeup in the world to cover the damage he had done to my face. There is none, don't even worry about it.

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